House Rules

Critical Hits:

Roll Crit number(s), roll again to confirm

  • RAW – Use multiplier on weapon damage
  • House – Multiplier is against all damage, use crit chart or cards in addition

If 2 20’s are rolled:

  • RAW – Two 20’s and successfull hit is instant kill

Skill Rolls:

  • Natural 20 is NOT an automatic success. Instead roll again and add to 20 (repeating if multiple 20’s) rolled


  • RAW – Familiar’s hit points are ½ Mage’s
  • House – Familiar’s hit points are ½ Mage’s OR normal for species, whichever is greater


  • RAW – Add 3 hit points once
  • House – Add 3 hit points every level

Character Creation

  • Up to 3 flaws are allowed, but must be accepted by DM
  • Flaws are significant, not “irresistible urge to eat chocolate” – more like “terrified of fire” or other common thing to encounter. Negatives on important rolls…

Story Cards

  • At the beginning of the game, story cards are handed out. They are used by player’s to influence game events – similar to action points but slightly superior in that they can effect NPC’s as well.
  • Actions have to be described in possible fashion by the player to achieve the desired result (role play!).

House Rules

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